Coach Clint

Coach Clint at CrossFit Brown N Gold in Gillette WY

Coach Clint



  • Crossfit Level 1 Certificate Holder (CF-L1)
  • Crossfit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Weightlifting
  • 2200+ hours class coaching (use this if you like)

Clint is a passionate trainer, who thoroughly enjoys helping people improve their fitness level. Clint’s love for fitness training spans from his teenage years well into his is young adult life. Clint has consistently reached out into books, web sites, seminars, and even high level college courses to improve his knowledge of fitness. It wasn’t until his sophomore year in college when Clint discovered CrossFit. Clint instantly attached himself to this community where high levels of fitness were attained by people from many walks of life. Clint was impressed by the accessibility of the movements and the versatility of the trainers at his local CrossFit box. Clint knew right away that he wanted to do what they were doing, from that point on every day was like a day in the laboratory for Clint, and everyday hence he has doggedly improved. Since his completion of the Crossfit Level 1 Course in January of 2012 Clint has 4 years of group fitness training under his belt, and he is excited for the years of training to come.

In his spare time Clint enjoys fitness training, he feels that life cannot get too stagnant and always striving for new heights keeps him sharp and motivated. Outside of the gym Clint enjoys yard-work, family dinners, playing trivia, taking walks, going to the movies, and general goofing around. Clint moved to Gillette, Wyoming in 1992 with his family and graduated from Campbell County High School, in short he is a local boy who is glad to assist the Gillette community in getting fit and healthy!